Create a Model

To create a model, navigate to the Models section by simply click on the Models link on the side menu of your dashboard.

On the Models page, you will see a list of existing models if any, then click on the Create Model button at the top of the table list.

On the model creation page, kindly enter the name of the model, eg: User, and add the properties associated with that model, eg: id, firstname, lastname, etc.

Simply add new properties by clicking on the plus (+) button below the last property. You can also delete/remove a property by clicking on the associated delete button for that property.

While adding a property, kindly enter the name of the property, eg: id, and select the type for that property from the wide range of types, eg: UUID.

There are wide range of existing data type you can select for a property, but also static data which allows you to enter the exact data you want it to return or pattern-based data in form of a defined Regular Expression or Character Sequence.

If you would like the property to return an array of the type you selected, click on the settings button for that property, a modal will pop up, select "Is This Property an Array?" and enter the number of items to return.

Each property can be dragged up or down depending on where you want it to sit within the model. Do this by simply clicking and dragging the property up or down.

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