MockAPI is a tool designed to enhance the development process by providing dynamic API mocking capabilities. It allows developers to create mock APIs and use them in their applications for building prototypes, real projects when the back-end is not ready, integrated into tests as a test server, generating test data, etc.

MockAPI is easy to use

With its minimalist design, developers can easily setup an account, create models and endpoints and will be ready to start making API calls to their endpoints. Users can also import OpenAPI docs and Postman collections to quickly and seamlessly create those resources.

MockAPI is realistic

The data generated are realistic real-world data in over 50 different languages and locales. Users can also configure the behavior of responses for API calls to mimic real world scenarios, such as conditionally returning a non-200 response at a predefined probability.

MockAPI is for everyone

With the free forever version, anyone can easily set up an account and start using MockAPI straight away. Users can be anything from Front-end Engineers, Back-end Engineers, Test Engineers, Data Engineers/Analysts, Enthusiasts, etc.

Start by creating a free account today!

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