Our subscription model is tiered according to usage and privileges but there's an always free tier for individuals who wants to try our product and can upgrade later to the tier that most suites them.

Upgrading your account will upgrade all your created projects which will also extend to any user invited to those projects regardless of if they have an upgraded account or not.

To upgrade your account, click on the upgrade button at the menu of your dashboard which will take you to the plan selection page.

To cancel your subscription anytime, go to your profile and click on the Cancel Subscription button on the page.

After cancelling your subscription, you will still be able to continue on your plan until the end of the subscription period. For eg: If you subscribed to a monthly Standard plan on 20th of April and cancelled on 1st of May, you will still be subscribed to the Standard plan until the 20th of May which marks the end of your subscription period.

If you experience any issue with subscription, please do not hesitate to contact us from the live chat icon at the bottom right of the page.

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